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Learn more about the features of flexilog Warehouse Management System.


Ease of Use

flexilog® has already been awarded for it's uncompromising straightforward and convenient user interface. It can be completely operated using mouse or keyboard, which is essential in an industrial envirnment. The appearance is conforming popular and common office applications standards. This eases famililarisation with the product and ensures immediate acceptance by your employees.

Multi-Client capable

Data of different clients are kept together within one single database. The user's view of the total stock is assured and warehouse utilization can be optimized.

Flexible Interface

A flexible interface enables communication with arbitrary host systems. Adjustable standard modules for ASCII interfaces as well as SAP/R3 IDocs complement the range of possibilties.

Highly configurable Warehouse Structure

Configuration of a warehouse often decides significantly about the success of logistics operation. Therefore, we are setting standards in this area.
Storage bins can not only be defined by measurement, applicable pallet types or storage blocks, but even the bin numbering format is largely flexible and can be defined by the administrator. Single locations can be reserved for distinct customers, suppliers or voucher types.


Because almost any larger business is relocating their operation off-shore, software must be adopted to respective local circumstances.
Our software is available with 5 different language modules: English, German, Czech, Bulgarian and Hungarian. The modular concept allows integration of additional languages on-the-fly at any time.

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